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Marie-Claude and Luc unfortunately had to withdraw from NHK Trophy, due to an injury! Though Marie-Claude and Luc did place 5th at Skate Canada.

Marie-Claude and Luc are winners in every way! Look at their performance at the 1998 Olympics. Their short program had a slight bobble by Marie-Claude but after that they skated perfectly!!! The judges did not know what to do with them. Then in the long program they were both ill and not feeling up to their peak. The pair went out and did everything that they could, the best that they could under the circumstances. Yes, they stopped in the middle of the program but they got back up and they finished the performance. That is a feat within its self. How many other skaters would/could have done what Marie-Claude and Luc did???

The first time I saw Marie-Claude and Luc i thought "WOW! They would be good if Paul and Barb could coach them". The next year 1997 at the Canadians Paul is their coach. I went "WOW! Have this pair changed or WHAT??!" And they had changed for the better.


Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon

Luc Bradet

Competitive History

WD, NHK Trophy '98
5th, Skate Canada '98
14th, Winter Olympics '98
2nd, Canadian Championships '98
3rd, Russia Cup '97
5th, Nations Cup '97
14th, World Championships '97
1st, Canadian Championships '97
9th, Trophée Lalique '96
7th, Skate America International '96
3rd, Canadian Championships '96
6th, Nations Cup '95
4th, Canadian Championships '95
1st, Nebelhorn International, Germany '94
2nd, Grand Prix International '94
4th, Canadian Championships '94
6th, Canadian Championships '92
6th, Nations Cup '91
7th, Skate America International '91
6th, Canadian Championships '91
1st, Canadian Championships (jr) '90
4th, Nebelhorn International, Germany (jr) '89
4th, Grand Prix International (jr) '89
3rd, Canadian Championships (jr) '89
1st, Canadian Championships (nov) '88

Contact Information

Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon and Luc Bradet
c/o Canadian Figure Skating Association
1600 - James Naismith Drive
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
K1B 5N4

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