Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz

David Roles

Shae-Lynn and Victor won Skate Canada and placed 2nd at Nations Cup! But also placed 2nd at the Canadian Open championshps. CONGRATS SHAE-LYNN AND VICTOR!!! Because Shae-Lynn and Victor had a first and a second they will compete in the Grand Prix.

Shae-Lynn and Victor will always be remembered for their brilliant freedance in the 1997/1998 year skated to the music of Riverdance! :-) Riverdance has been critizized for not enough emotion, passion, etc. To me though Bourne and Kraatz are the best ice dancers that ever were. I found that their one compulsory dance was the best that could have been, they were mostly in closed position yet some of the other skaters were in the open position most of the time.


Shae-Lynn Bourne

Victor Kraatz