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Josée Chouinard

Congratulations Josée for placing second at the 1998 Canadian Pro Open.

The first time I saw Josée Chouinard was the 1990 Skate Canada International held in Lethbridge, Alberta. We, my family and I, were there to see her win for the first time. It was awesome to see Josée. From that time on I rooted for this skater. She was a complete package -- artistry, speed, charm, charisma, jumps, everything any skater would want. The only problem is that her nerves got the better of her when she was an amateur. Though as a professional she is really starting to be consistant and some people say that she has landed triple axels in practise and will hopefully one day land one in competition. :-)


Birthday: August 21, 1969.

Place of Birth: Rosemont, Quebec.

Home town: Laval, Quebec.

Current residance: Toronto, Ontario.

Height: 5' 2" (155 cm).

Marital Status: Married to Jean-Michel Bombardier, August 16, 1997.

Skating Stuff:

Coach: Louis Stong.

Choreographer: Sandra Bezic.

Skating Club: CPA Les Lames d'Argent de Laval.

Training site: Granite Club (Toronto).

Competitive History

Amateur Achievements:

  • 1996: 3rd, Champions Series Final (Paris, France).
  • 1996: 2nd, Canadian Championships.
  • 1996: 1st, Eastern Canadian Divisional Championships.
  • 1995: 1st, Trophee de France.
  • 1995: 3rd, Skate Canada.
  • 1994: 5th, World Figure Skating Championships.
  • 1994: 1st, Canadian Championships.
  • 1994: 2nd, Piruetten
  • 1994: 9th, Olympics.
  • 1993: 9th, World Figure Skating Championsions.
  • 1993: 1st, Canadian Championships.
  • 1992: 5th, World Figure Skating Championships.
  • 1992: 9th, Olympics.
  • 1991: 6th, World Figure Skating Championships.
  • 1991: 1st, Canadian Championships
  • 1990: 1st, Skate Canada
  • 1990: 3rd, Canadian Championships

Professional Achievements:

  • 1998: 2nd, Canadian Professional Championships.
  • 1997: 5th, World Professional Competition.
  • 1997: 1st, Canadian Professional Championships.
  • 1997: 2nd, Ladies Professional Figure Skating Championships.
  • 1997: 3rd, World Team Championships. (Among women competitors.)
  • 1997: 1st, World Team Championships (With whole team)
  • 1996: 3rd, Ladies Professional Figure Skating Championships.
  • 1996: 4th, Canadian Professional Figure Skating Championships
  • 1994: 1st, Canadian Professional Figure Skating Championships.

Non-competitive things:

  • Is in the ad for sunlight orange juice.
  • Ocean Spray's Skate the Nation tour.
  • Commentator, Canada Day. 1995.
  • Sun Life Stars on Ice. 1993-1997.
  • Eaton's Skate the Nation tour.
  • Spokesperson for Revlon.
  • Ambassador for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.
  • Represented Joseph Ribcoff at Rockefeller Center for his fall fashion launch '96

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