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Quotes from fans on Figure Skating World

I, like so many others, think if Kristy and Kris can do what they can.........Look out world. They are in the hunt for a medal this year, no question about that. They also have one important factor in their favour I haven't seen mentioned here. Marina Zoueva does their choreography. As Kris mentioned once last season, he now knows why G&G were so great.
- Tigger

My fav is Marie and Luc. I really see something special with them and I'm so trilled that they are keeping their Gone With The Wind program.
- Vanessa

Sebastien Britten's grace, artistry and gorgeous extensions
- Kirsten in PEI

B&K's ability to bend really low to the ice, deep knee bends, and ability to perform for the crowd and for the love of their sport
- Kirsten in PEI

Jodeyne and Sean were REALLY nice and I talked with them a lot.
- Isabelle