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My favorite thing about figure skating is jumping; it's what drew me to it when I was young and today, is what still pushes me forward. It's kind of like, 'ok, now I've mastered that, let's try the next hardest jump and see what I can do' "
- Jeff Langdon

"I was a late starter. My advice to young skaters - if you find yourself jumping around your living room dreaming of skating, just start doing it.
- Ben Ferreira

"My coach is my best-friend. He's taught me not to give up, to go 100% for it. You can't wait for tomorrow for something to happen or to get it, you've got to work hard and make it happen today"
- Jean- Francois Hébert

"I would like to bring something to the sport, to somehow change it for the better and make a difference, not just bring home medals."
- Jayson Dénommée

"The challenge of competition doesn't wear me out but keeps me going"
- Ravi Wallia "The difference between being a winner and being a loser is how you pick yourself up again, especially when you're down for the third or fourth or twentieth time!"
- Susan Humphreys

"Before I go onto the ice, my coach helps me get focused, he takes me through the routine until I'm ready to go out."
- Sarah Schmidek

'I always advise young skaters to take ballet classes"
- Emanuel Sandhu on the secret of his success

"When I'm on the ice, it's my domain. It's what I love doing. It's where I love to be"
- Elizabeth Manley

Our motto is that if something works don't change it.
- victor kraatz

She knows what the judges look for in the dance event, which means there is no need to experiment.
- Shae-Lynn bourne on Natalia Dubova

It's a great program because you're giving to other people. I love being able to share my success with others. It is so incredible to see the smile on peoples' faces
- Jodeyne Higgins on Centrum Vitamins Flowers program. CVF is where the skaters donate all their flowers to the hospitals.

It's good to be able to reach out and touch somebody. It is giving them a boost to get well.
- sean Rice on CVF.

When there weren't as many triple jumps in the programs you did not see as many falls or mistakes
- Nancy Kerrigan

I need a hug
- Kurt browning after his 1994 Olympic Short program

my mother will never leave me. We're together. She will always stay in my heart.
- Oksana Baiul

Teenagers are teenagers. We go through a time when everything is pretty rough and you're not sure what you want.
- Nicole Bobek

I was made into something I never claimed to be or wanted to be. Since i was young, i just wanted to skate, I never wanted to be famous.
- nancy kerrigan

I know this is maybe naive, but one day I hope there will be peace in the world. Maybe one day the flowers will come back"
- Katarina Witt

I feel like I missed out on the regular high school social life, but that's the way I chose to be.
- Kristi yamaguchi

no one ever took my picture before and there were never crowds asking for autographs. There were timnes when I thought of giving up. But now I am thrilled I kept at it. No matter what I wind up doing with my life, this medal will make a big difference.
- paul wylie on his olympic silver.

The programs are so different it is like learning to write with your left hand.
- Isabelle Duchanay on their Jungle Dance

the moves are very strenuous. After two minutes, my sister and I are working under real stress, because we are very low on our knees for so long. Our legs take a pounding. It is like we are doing a decathlon. There is one part where I have to put my leg over Isabell four times and turn with speed. It is really risky. By the end, we can barely walk off.
- Paul Duchanay on their Jungle Dance

If I had to forecast future champions it would be the Canadians Bourne and Kraatz. You could hear a pin drop when they did their rumba at the 1994 Worlds.
- Courtney Jones

I started the whole triple-jump thing. There are so many triples that the girls have to do now, its terrible. But that the name of the game.
- Elaine Zayak.