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Competitive Highlights

Quotes about Brian

"He was so bionic, so hunky. He's got a great face, and body, and buns."
-Sandra Bezic (1988, MacLean's)

"Brian I have known for so many years, and it was wonderful for me to start my professional career with him. He was some kind of guiding help as well. It started right away when the [Berlin] wall came down. I was completely in a new world, and I think I found the pefect match [with Brian] to start it with what we did with Carmen On Ice and then for the tours on our own...I think it's been wonderful for the last two years how much he has done with his own production company in a creative way for skating and with skating."
-Katarina Witt, as quoted in IFS, April 1998, Athlete Extraordinaire

"That was masterful. He could not have skated that better. When Brian takes command of an arena there is no one like him. No one has his kind of power."
-Sandra Bezic at the conclusion of Brian's performance of Shenandoah/They Call the Wind Mariah

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